The Sierra Schools Foundation envisions communities where access to excellent public education does not depend on geographic location, local economics, or family income.

We support the rural and remote public schools of Sierra County and the Sierra-Plumas Joint Unified School District by providing supplemental funds to address the inequities in the educational experience due to geographic isolation and limited local economic resources. Our mission is to enhance student learning; promote strong teaching; and strengthen academic, social, and cultural programs.

The foundation raises funds through generous donations from private and public sources and is accountable to parents and the wider community. We seek to accomplish this mission through our Roots & Boots Initiative.

The Roots & Boots Initiative encourages students to explore, appreciate and preserve their rural “roots” and the remote and rural landscapes that shaped them, while also providing them with the “boots,” or skills, training and experiences to walk into their future prepared and inspired for what is ahead.  Through school and teacher grants and direct program creation and enhancement, we bring the Roots & Boots Initiative to all students of the Sierra-Plumas Joint Unified School District.

Through our “Roots” focus area, we fund place-based experiences and programs in Outdoor Education, Regional History & Art, Agriculture Education, and Environmental & Field Science.

Through our “Boots” focus area, we fund experiences and programs in Technology/Computer Science, STEM & 21st Century Skills, Visual & Performing Arts, Business and Career Development, and College Readiness.

Please join us in supporting the Roots & Boots Initiative and our rural students by making a donation today or sponsoring our two fantastic annual fundraisers.